Riffing off Tom Hanks’ line in A League of Their Own, "There's no crying in baseball," for their title, veteran journalists, editors, and educators Gilger and Wallace cogently demonstrate why the admonition is equally apt in newsrooms. Journalism is a field in which men have always dominated, and any woman who wanted to compete needed to demonstrate that she wouldn’t fall victim to her gender’s stereotypical emotional fragility. It wouldn’t be easy. Sexism and sexual harassment were rampant. Expectations for women were not only doubled, they were quadrupled. Hypocrisy reigned in story assignments, travel arrangements, job promotions, and, of course, salary equity. The authors interviewed nearly 100 women media leaders, from CNN’s Christiane Amanpour to Vox ’s Melissa Bell, to assess the changing image of women in journalism, how they achieved success, and what they envision as the industry’s future. The result is a commanding critique of the current state of women in media, boosted by constructive advice applicable to workplaces other than newsrooms. A crucial resource for women leaders in any field.

—   Booklist

Kristin Grady Gilger and Julia Wallace (both news veterans) ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know from the women at the top: “How did you get where you are?” “What did you say to the creepy guys at work?” “Do you think you made the right decision to (not) have kids?” and “What can I do today to get ahead?” . . . This is one of the few leadership books in which each chapter becomes more compelling than the last. The authors weave the stories of dozens of women leaders into the broader history of gender and civil rights in America, and in how news and journalism are changing in digital age. Full review here.

—   Women2.0

If there is one lesson that I can add to the many profound lessons this book offers, it is this: Focus on what’s best for you and then throw yourself at it. And remember that the cause of women in newsrooms will take on urgency only if we make it happen–together.
— Campbell Brown, Head of Global News Partnerships, Facebook

A provocative look inside the world of journalism, filled with stories of women who have learned to lead, even though many of the same old obstacles remain. “There’s No Crying in Newsrooms” is the real-life guidebook to a new generation of women intent on careers in not just news, but every profession. — Gail Evans, Author of “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman”

There’s No Crying in Newsrooms is an important, readable, and timely book about women newsroom leaders at a turning point in American journalism. It vividly describes, from probing interviews, the struggles and triumphs of dozens of leading women journalists. Each chapter ends with engaging, sage advice from the authors, drawing on their own long careers as successful news leaders. A rich portfolio of photos of many of the women helps readers get to know them even better. The book should be essential reading for journalists and for everyone else interested in the journey of American women today.
— Leonard Downie Jr., Former Executive Editor and Vice President, The Washington Post

I’m truly thankful to Kristin and Julia for writing this book. It’s part history, part practical advice, and fueled by the stories women journalists tell when we’re together. It’s important that the discussion about facing obstacles and opportunities for women in journalism be shared more widely. I came away inspired by and grateful to the trailblazing women journalists who have led the way.
— Nicole Carroll, Editor in Chief of USA TODAY

I found this book to be a triple gift. Not only do Gilger and Wallace write the compelling history of women climbing to the top of the news business, and profile many of those women who fought to the summit, they also provide a detailed roadmap for future leaders on their own journey to the top. I thought I knew this story because I lived it. But there's so much more that exists under the surface. This is required reading for anyone entering the business.
— Kate O'Brian, Former Senior Vice President of ABC News and President of Al Jazeera America

Mentors, professors, and parents should recommend There'sNo Crying in Newsrooms to any aspiring journalist. Through captivating stories and anecdotes, the authors – trailblazers in their own right -- share the wisdom gained by those homesteading female pioneers who, over the past half century, rose through the ranks, paving a professional path forward for other women. Each chapter ends with a compendium of leadership lessons – a passing of the baton to the current generation and a toolkit for meeting the remaining challenges.
— Penelope Muse Abernathy, Knight Chair in Journalism and Digital Media Economics, University of North Carolina